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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -4,11 +4,12 @@ A mock Twitter embed generator bot for Discord, now written in Go. ## Building 1. Install Go 2. Install [discordgo]( with `go get` +3. Build the bot with `go build` 3. Start the bot and pass your token to it - `./tweeter -t <bot token>` ## Features -- User information pasted into tweet embed (with support for nicknames) +- User information added into tweet embed (with support for nicknames) - Randomized likes and retweets - Accurate recreation of Discord embed - Written in Go, I guess @@ -23,7 +24,7 @@ There are three available commands: This generates a tweet with the provided text. `t.about` -About embed. +About dialog. ## Bugs? Report any bugs or other odd behaviors to the Issues page and I'll try to get it all patched up. Thanks for taking a look!